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Help with senderbase (maybe a bit offtopic)


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I've been crazy about senderbase trying to de-list an IP from its SBRS, with a "poor" reputation.

in the DNS-BL column everything's fine and green.

But I don't find a place to de-list/remove my IP from the "poor" reputation

I also saw on some links about spamcop, not really sure if it's related or exists a relation between.

Can someone guide me on me this?

Thanks in advanced,

Jorge Bastos,

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Hi, Jorge,

...First of all, welcome to the SpamCop Forums!

...Since your question did not reference a problem with the SpamCop blacklist, I have moved it from the "SpamCop Blocklist Help" forum to this (SpamCop Lounge) forum. Not is is no longer off topic! :) <g>

...Next: sorry to hear of your problem. Unless better advice shows up here, what I would suggest that you do is:

  • Look for the text field near the top center of nearly any SpamCop Forum page between the white "Search for -->" button and the blue "GO" button.
  • Enter "senderbase" in the text field and press either button.
  • Review the links returned to see if any answer your question. I see two near the top labeled "SpamCop Discussion > SenderBase Reputation Help" and "SpamCop Discussion > [Resolved] Poor Sender Base Score" that look especially promising.

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