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Bug: URL parsing error


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The last week or so I've noticed a bunch of spam able to bypass the SpamCop message submission parser by where they position the carriage return in the HTML. Here's a recent example:

...a rel=3D"nofollow" target=3D"_blank" =


This is being parsed as:


...which is resulting in a failure to correctly analyze the domain "example.com".

The code is valid, the link is really there, but the encoding and carriage return placement are enabling them to bypass the SpamCop filter.

Please correct this.

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Hi, shawnkhall,

...This is unlikely to cause anyone at SpamCop any lost sleep (besides, it is probably not a bug, it's more likely an invalid URL in terms of whatever standard SpamCop is using). See SpamCop FAQ (links to which appear near the top left of almost every SpamCop Forum page) article labeled "SpamCop reporting of spamvertized sites - some philosophy."

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