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Blocked with error bl.spamcop.net but not listed


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I recieved the following message when sending email to a certain client.

"Their IP does not like recipient.

Remote host said: 554 service unavailable; client host []

blocked using bl.spamcop.net; blocked -see


giving up on Their IP"

I checked the spam filter right away and am have a monitor on blacklists to ensure we were not listed. We were listed several weeks ago, but the problem has not gone away.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Thank you

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If you will EMAIL me a complete copy of the rejection email so I can get the details from it, maybe I can help. No promises, though.

EMAIL the info to me at: Service[at]SpamCop.net

- Don D'Minion - SpamCop Admin -

- Service[at]Admin.SpamCop.net -


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Hi, JTWrenn,

...Sorry to hear of your problem. I hope you will understand that the problem is your client's e-mail provider. They are doing one of the following (or something else not controllable by SpamCop itself):

  • They are rejecting for some other reason and incorrectly identifying the SpamCop blacklist as the reason.
  • They have not refreshed their copy of the IP addresses on the blacklist, which is very dynamic.

...Good luck getting this fixed! I do not know if it will help, but you may wish to search the SpamCop forums for other similar topics -- there's a search capability at the top of the screen (look for a white "button" labeled "Search for -->" and a blue button labeled "GO"). You might also check in the SPAMCOPWIKI (SCWiki) links to which appear near the top of this page.

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