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New Email Adress But Old One In Login Bar

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I stepped over to a new ISP and have a new email address which I already filled in on my spam reporting page and confirmed with the email I got from SpamCop. So that is set.

But I still see my old email address appear in the log-in bar on that page. (Also my same user name after I log in and that will stay the same I understand, and just as well.)

I wonder if it matters that my old email address still appears in that log-in bar. I can log in with it, but wouldn't mind changing it, as it suddenly looks "old" to me... :blush:

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Thank you Don D'Minion. That was a fast reply!

Yes, like an antique. I might come to treasure it for old times sake.

I don't know if my new ISP -Tele2.nl- allows spam reports to go through to SP -my previous one, Alice- didn't. I had to work around that by setting up a GMX account. That one can still be utilized of course. So it doesn't matter whether my new ISP allows spam reports to go through or not I guess.

Now all I have to do is change my email account in MailWasher from Alice to Tele2. But not yet as it still will work for a while Alice told me. Until they have a certain amount of ended accounts, then the whole batch is removed in one go.

I probably won't get any spam for some time with my new address, so until my Alice address becomes unusable I keep Alice in my MailWasher to report spam to SpamCop. Which hasn't been much for quite some time: only a few a day.

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