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Last Update: email delays

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OK the system got caught up, delivered the last of the backed up mails by 3PM today.

All the tickets to support have also been answered. Unfortunately they were caught up in the backup and so hundreds of them arrived in one big thud. (well not exactly but close enough). So, sorry if you wrote Monday nite or yesterday but they were in the same jam as the rest of the mail :-( And yes you may have received the same response if you wrote more than once - I tried to delete duplicate tickets but erred on the side of cautiousness.

We processed between 1/2 million and 1 million 'extra' mails; it was a lengthy slog. We couldn't just dump mail for fear of dumping real mail and that is not something we ever want to do if we can avoid it.

If you are ever in doubt about whether your account credentials are secure or not, please change your password immediately and make it a *strong* password! Then try to figure out what has happened, if anything.

Thanks for your patience and support through the last couple of days.

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