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SpamCopy creating duplicate reports?


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This is very confusing, and I hope it's my error.

I was using the SpamCop webmail service. I forwarded one spam message to my SpamCop

reporting address. I'm pretty sure I sent the email once, but SpamCop sent me two

responses accepting 1 email for processing. The timestamps were within a second of each


The two reporting links, as far as I can tell, point to the same spam message. You can

check them out:



I reported one and canceled the other.

Is there some way I managed to fumble-finger and forward twice? I don't know how I could

do that. I would have expected SpamCop to have recognized the duplicate, but it offered me the opportunity to report both.


About the thread subject: Was that Freudian, or what?

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Hi, MyNameHere,

...Might this also be the explanation for the problem you reported at SpamCop Forum Topic "spam too old?"

That makes sense to me, it could be a glitch related to the update. The other day, about the time the tech team were working on the update, I flicked through a couple of dollars to support Spamcop which was quickly eaten up by over 1000 emails which "magically" appeared in my queue of ureported email.

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