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Help with blocked email


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I pay a reporter to write news stories for me 5 days a week. Recently SpamCop has blocked his emails, those coming to me anyway.

So I'm paying for something that spam Cop is blocking, and unless I can get him unblocked I will have no choice but to terminate my contract with the provider. This is not right!

How do I get this fixed?

Linc Reed-Nickerson

Radio Stations: KBNH & KORC, Burns, Oregon KORV. Lakeview, OR

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Hi, Linc,

...Sorry to hear of your problem!

...Actually, SpamCop can not block e-mails because no e-mails pass through SpamCop. I am going to assume that you meant to say that e-mails are being blocked because it is claimed that the IP address sending the e-mails is on the SCBl (SpamCop blacklist).

...If I understand correctly that the reporter's e-mails to you are being blocked, the problem should be relatively easy to solve.

  • Does your e-mail provider have a whitelist capability? If so, just whitelist the reporter's e-mail address and see if that helps.
  • Contact your e-mail provider to see what they have to say. If they are not willing to help you get the reporter's e-mails, then you would be well advised to seek out a more helpful provider.
  • Either your reporter or you could use a different e-mail provider for communication with the other. There are "free" services such as Yahoo!Mail, GMail and HotMail that could be used for such a purpose.

On a separate track, if you could ask the reporter for the exact rejection message and post it here, that would help those in the know to do further research (if the rejection message contains all the relevant information, which is the case with most I've seen). Sometimes SpamCop is mistakenly "fingered" as the reason for the block and someone here can check on whether the IP address in question is actually on the SCBl. And your reporter might alert her/ his e-mail provider to let them know that one of their IP addresses may have spam being sent from it

...Good luck!

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SpamCop isn't blocking email coming to you. It's not physically possible because your email doesn't go through our system.

It sounds like your email provider is using our blocking list service to defend itself against spam and your colleague is using an outgoing mail server that is sending spam to our system and has been placed on our list of known spam sources.

Contact your ISP and ask them to put your correspondent on their "allow" list so that their emails will get past your ISP's filters.

- Don D'Minion - SpamCop Admin -

- Service[at]Admin.SpamCop.net -


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