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Routing details - yun-idc.com

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'No recent reports, no history available

Host salonno5.com (checking ip) =

Resolves to

Routing details for

[refresh/show] Cached whois for : hong.meng[at]yun-idc.com tao.li[at]yun-idc.com

Using last resort contacts hong.meng[at]yun-idc.com tao.li[at]yun-idc.com'

'Reports routes for

routeid: 71714644 - to: hong.meng[at]yun-idc.com

Administrator found from whois records

routeid: 71714645 - to: tao.li[at]yun-idc.com

Administrator found from whois records'

In addition to, or instead of, Administrators...

abuse-mailbox: ip[at]cnisp.org.cn

% Information related to ' -'

% This query was served by the APNIC Whois Service version 1.69.1-APNICv1r0 (WHOIS2) per SmartWhois®, Copyright © 1998-2013 TamoSoft, Version 5.1 (Build 274)

Please consider a fix for this frequent encounter. Thank you.

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