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ICANN says Nextbuses.mobi etc can't


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and so forth get

(!) You have reached a domain that is pending ICANN verification.

As of January 1, 2014 the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and

Numbers (ICANN) will mandate that all ICANN accredited registrars begin

verifying the Registrant WHOIS contact information for all new domain

registrations and Registrant contact modifications.

Why this domain has been suspended

Email address has not been verified.

This is a new domain registration and the Registrant email address has not

been verified.


The Registrant contact data for this domain was modified but still requires


Specifically the First Name, Last Name and/or email address have been

changed and never verified.


All hail anti spam ?

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I'd really wonder about a domain that's suspended for that, as the verification was pretty easy when I registered a domain a few weeks ago. All I remember having to prove was an email address I could receive mail on. I used my spamcop.net, but I assume one of the free ones such as Hotmail would have worked.

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