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Hi, Nick,

&nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Welcome!

&nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Thank you for selecting the correct forum to which to post this message (well, at least, in my opinion :) <g>).

&nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp If memory serves (and it isn't very good), you are the first person to post such an introduction. I like it!

&nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Learning is one of the main purposes of this Forum. I hope you will post any questions you have, especially about spam. I also hope you will make new friends here; while not a main purpose of this Forum, it certainly can be a happy byproduct, as it has for me. :) <g>

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Hello Everyone,

I am Nick Daley from Webhostech.com, working as a Marketing Manager. I’m newbie in this forum. I just wanted to say Hi to all!!!!! I hope to learn and get new friends here.

Thank you.


seems your servers have some issues good advice to correct should be "got" here


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