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Abuse contact for

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Routing details for
Using abuse net on helpdesk[at]irinn.in
abuse net irinn.in = arnnold.wnet[at]gmail.com, postmaster[at]irinn.in
Using best contacts arnnold.wnet[at]gmail.com postmaster[at]irinn.in
arnnold.wnet[at]gmail.com bounces (144 sent : 73 bounces)

Using arnnold.wnet#gmail.com[at]devnull.spamcop.net for statistical tracking.
The correct contacts are:
address: Ideastack solutions private limited
phone: +91 02226782833
fax-no: +91 02226782833
e-mail: shazim[at]gmail.com
abuse-mailbox: shazim[at]gmail.com
admin-c: NA384-AP
tech-c: NA384-AP
auth: # Filtered
remarks: send spam and abuse report to shazim[at]gmail.com
changed: shazim[at]gmail.com 20140710
source: APNIC
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