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Earthlink (Mindspring) mail forwarding setup

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Here are instructions for how to get Earthlink or Mindspring to forward your existing email address to your SpamCop account for filtering.

First, go to Earthlink at http://www.earthlink.net

Click the "Member Center" icon at the top of the page

Click "My Account" near the top

Enter your full Earthlink (or Mindspring) email address and password

Click Email Maintenance

Click Email Forwarding

In there, type your spamcop.net address and enable email forwarding. I don't recommend that you check the box to keep a copy at Earthlink. If you do that, your Earthlink account will eventually fill up because you shouldn't be checking mail there any more.

That's it. Now change your email program to POP (retrieve) your mail from the SpamCop servers instead of Earthlink and you're done.


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