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Silently discarded emails - real interview requests!

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Not sure where to complain about this now, I am still using Spamcop to filter my emails to one of my publicly known addresses (it's published in several IETF documents) and attracts a lot of scraped address spam.

This is the second time now, where an potential employer has sent me important information preparatory to an interview, and the messages have not come through! This is not bulk mail, it's likely not from a blocked site, or a spammy address, usually from some random HR person at a valid local company. Perhaps the attachments raise some heuristic levels, but they should be clean.

WTF!? Can I get this to stop? Perhaps the filtering system would also take a reject forwarding address, so I can catch some of these.


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Hi, Dave,

&nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Sorry to hear of your problem. Does Ex_Brit's reply in SC Forum Topic "SpamCop Email Service Changes" help you at all? If not, I would recommend that you send an inquiry to the SpamCop Deputies at e-mail address deputies[at]admin.spamcop.net. Until you hear from them (and permanently if they don't have a better alternative), you could terminate using SpamCop to do the filtering.

&nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Good luck!

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Yeah... happened several times yesterday and today. Recruiters are trying to send me specifically, (eg. not a mailing list), job descriptions, and sometimes nothing comes through... except all other stuff (100+ msgs/day) I get on that mail box. So it's not a configuration thing, it's the content of the messages.

I'm going to have to find another solution... spam Cop is costing more time (and money)... to find a job. sigh...

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