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Whois for has no direct email contact given. But following the link to HIA1-AFRINIC results in the address abuse[at]hetzner.co.za. SpamCop follows this link, but then fails to detect the obvious abuse address in the remarks field:

% Information related to 'HIA1-AFRINIC'role:           Hetzner IP Adminaddress:        Frazzitta Business Park,address:        CNR Battis and Langeberd Road,address:        Durbanville,address:        Cape Town 7550address:        Postal Add: P.O Box 3450address:        Cape Town 7551phone:          +27 21 970 2000fax-no:         +27 21 970 2001org:            ORG-HC1-AFRINICadmin-c:        DdV2-AFRINICadmin-c:        WK-AFRINICtech-c:         DdV2-AFRINICtech-c:         WK-AFRINICnic-hdl:        HIA1-AFRINICmnt-by:         HA-ZAsource:         AFRINIC # Filteredorganisation:   ORG-HC1-AFRINICorg-name:       HETZNER (Pty) Ltdorg-type:       LIRcountry:        ZAaddress:        Belvedere Office Park, Unit Faddress:        Bella Rosa Streetaddress:        Durbanvilleaddress:        7550address:        Cape Town 7550 7550phone:          +27 21 970 2000fax-no:         +27 21 975 0293admin-c:        DdV2-AFRINICadmin-c:        WK-AFRINICtech-c:         WK-AFRINICmnt-ref:        AFRINIC-HM-MNTmnt-ref:        HA-ZAmnt-by:         AFRINIC-HM-MNTremarks:        ----------------------------------------------------remarks:        Please contact abuse[at]hetzner.co.za in case of abuse.remarks:        ----------------------------------------------------
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