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When you register with spamcop reporting service, you will get a special email submission address. I am not quite sure how it works when you sign up with the email service, but I believe that you also get a special email submission address.

When you do get the email submission address, forward the spam as an attachment. This is different than forwarding inline. In Outlook Express, you can highlight the spam (or several) and right click and select 'forward as attachment' from the menu.

Different email readers have different rules (there is a FAQ on how to submit with Eudora, Outlook, Outlook Express, etc.)

You can also (if you have OE) right click, select properties, details, message source, copy all, and paste in a web page submission form.

You do not have to submit all the spam you get - only as much as you have time for. Many people only submit the very latest. If it is more than one day old, chances are that someone else has already reported it.

Never open a spam email; never click on any links; and never unsubscribe from an email that you didn't subscribe to.

Good spam reporting!

Miss Betsy

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