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Report History control is far too limiting


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I've been looking for a way around this by manipulating the URL (such as https://www.spamcop.net/mcgi?action=showhistory&slice=&val=0&offset=0&query_type=4) in order to force it to show more than 10 reports at a time.

Having to click the 'Older Reports' button over 100 times to get through the entire list (I've reported over 1,100 in the past 2.5 months) is absolute torture!

Can't the 'limit Nazi' who decided that bump the number up to at least 100 items per screen? I mean what is the harm in giving us a little more flexibility to search for our own reports?

Also, giving us a way to dump the entire report history to a file would be extremely helpful as well.

The 10 item limit is completely unreasonable...please don't waste your time defending it. Just do the simple change to open up the limit. ;)


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If someone knows who to contact besides Richard (deputy) that actually is in charge of maintaining the SpamCop website, that is the person I need to get ahold of.

Sounds like Richard is telling me this is someone further up that has arbitrarily decided the limit should be 10 items, to which person I would like to unequivocally tell them in no uncertain terms, that limit is BS.

If you want us to pay for the service, there needs to be some two-way communication with the people who create and maintain the site and not just have to accept what they deem we should be stuck with.

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