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Gremlin delisting


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Hi everyone,

Recently I noticed that our mail server is black listed by vote.drbl.gremlin.ru

Following the instructions at http://gremlin.ru/soft/drbl/en/faq.html#howtogetout I did the following

> host -t any descriptive text "gremlin:Spamtrap hit" has address

> host -t any descriptive text "Spamtrap hit" has address

> host -t soa vote.drbl.gremlin.ru

vote.drbl.gremlin.ru has SOA record ns.gremlin.ru. drbl-79f8y6.gremlin.ru. 1486889337 10800 1800 604800 86400

I figured out, the postmaster address here is drbl-79f8y6@gremlin.ru. I sent a request to re-test our mail server, because recently we fixed some spam issues we had, but it was rejected with message

(host mail.gremlin.ru[] said: 451-Rejected: is blacklisted at vote.drbl.gremlin.ru 451 Spamtrap hit (in reply to RCPT TO command))

Do you have any suggestion how to have our IP delisted from this dnsbl ?



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I'm mildly surprised that your email was rejected, but an outright rejection for a "4XX" code has been known to happen. (A "4XX" code, 451 in your example, usually means "Try again later."

While waiting for other suggestions, I'd suggest looking into why the list maintainer might have thought that your IP address had a spamtrap hit.

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