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asquareinternational.co.in Fake?


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Sender IP:

The domain points to an unusable (fake) registrar site.

Another address I won't be reporting to.

On a side note, considering I'm just starting with reporting, are these fakes common? Somebod(y/ies) at the *NICs are asleep at the keyboard, with their nose pressing the 'Y' key, letting all these mooks in.

I'm DEFINITELY glad I'm not blindly reporting via the SC-supplied email dump address.

EDIT (More?): = pravamconsulting.in

isysmagic.in is the registrar for some of these, but their site only shows the folder listing of cgi-bin. How are people registering their sites?

I don't know how long I'm going to keep submitting if the *NICs and registrars aren't going to keep the field clean (or aren't working altogether).

On a few occasions in the past, I've read of raids against spammers and seen a dropoff of spam as a result. I wonder what it takes for any given gov/nic/registrar to take action they are capable of taking... (is that enough use of the word "take"?)

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