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Abuse contact for ' -' is hostmaster[at]nic.or.kr

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Abuse contact for ' -' is hostmaster [at] nic.or.kr

I hope I get this right. I'll need to take another look at my other thread that behaved similarly...

@Lking if I did it wrong again, do let me know. I believe I followed the structure that seemed to have been set in place (while adding a bit more).


Routing details for
I refuse to bother search-apnic-not-arin@apnic.net.

I was about to contact the apnic folks. Their whois info is the same that spamcop pulls, but apparently it gets nested, though you wouldn't know it based on the information provided.

https://www.apnic.net/manage-ip/using-whois/abuse-and-spamming/reporting-abuse-and-spam/ says to look at the "netname" and correlate to the NIR. Except that didn't help since the netname contained "ERX" which didn't match with any of the NIR.

A search for ERX and NIR mentioned Japan... HOWEVER, a thought occurred to me to just run whois from linux and it pulled the information from the Korean NIR.

I'm going to see if that also happens with the other thread I posted that I think related to ARIN instead.

The whole system seems to be one big unkept cluster-*.

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