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In recent, any email i submit to spamcop and get the same reply, anyone have an idea what maybe wrong?:
Possible forgery. Supposed receiving system not associated with any of your mailhosts

Will not trust this Received line.

Mailhost configuration problem, identified internal IP as source

Please correct this situation - register every email address where you receive spam

No source IP address found, cannot proceed.


I have gone back and re-register email address to no avail
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I notice that in the top Received header, your mail server is identifying itself with a private-use IP address ( in the first tracking link, or in the others.)  I don't know if this will cause a problem, but I wouldn't be entirely surprised if this is throwing off Spamcop's logic, e.g. because it can't use that IP address to uniquely identify a particular server.

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This is what i found for a map of my email servers. I do not understand all of it. I believe my servers are & I started at sacoriver.net, then was purchased by pinetreenetworks.com, who was purchased by OTT.



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