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Forwarding from Hotmail

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For reporting only members, you get a special submit address with registration.  If you use 'forward as attachment' (which is easy in Outlook Express; impossible without a special fix from hotmail), then you can forward up to 50 KB at a time.

I don't mean to interrupt this discussion, but you have referenced this "special fix" from Hotmail. I've been looking for a means of getting everything to forward as an attachment and you give me hope. I've gotten my Yahoo and ISP accounts working well, but the Hotmail is my primary and thus has the most junk. Considering how well the program took care of spam on my Yahoo address, I'd love to see the same effects with my Hotmail address.

If it is something I can do on my own to Hotmail, please PM me with the details (or post here if it's not going to detract further from the point of this thread), i would be greatly appreciative of your help.

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This is a post from the newsgroup by Anon:

"The above is the easiest way - hotmail has the instructions for setting up

your OE mail to read the HM.

[the 'easiest way' is to have OE download your hotmail account]

Down at the bottom of your hotmail account home page is FAQ - click on that.

AT the bottom of the FAQ's there is a link - see more subjects - click on


Under Suggested categories there are two data entry boxes - put working

offline in the first, and use hotmail in outlook express in the second box -

when you do that the full instructions for setting up OE to read your

hotmail appears.

(If you do not find that - post back and I will copy the instructions into

my response to you.)

The very best part of reading your hotmail in OE is that you can (if you

want, have the preview pane open to inspect your hotmail (DO NOT DO THIS

WITH spam - it is the same as opening it.) You can also [for spam

especially] click on file -> properties -> details tab -> message source

button to actually read the spam without opening it (similar to the

"&raw=disk below.)

Of course the other best thing is that you can highlight all the spam and

send them as attachments to SC.

Here is an alternate method of forwarding as attachment in hotmail.

1) Right click on the spam in hotmail mailbox.

2) Click on copy shortcut.

3) Paste shortcut into the address box.

4) Append "&raw=disk" (no quotes).

5) Press go.

6) When screen opens showing spam details (this has not opened the spam),

press Ctl-C.

7) Open wordpad.

8) Paste clipboard into wordpad.

9) "Save as" a text file

10) Repeat for each spam in your mailbox.

11) Now open a new mail in hotmail and attach the text file(s) and send THAT

to SC for parsing.

12) You will receive the usual response from SC for further processing.

This SOUNDS like a very long involved process but in actuality it is very

fast (the key is the &raw=disk trick.)


A SpamCop user and forum reader,

Not Admin


Miss Betsy

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Thanks. I actually had a non-Hotmail error. I'd used Express on my home PC, but here on my laptop I tried using Outlook 2002, which there were no instructions for. However, now that I've found Express on my laptop, all is fine. Thanks for your help!

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