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Problem using address book with Firefox 0.8

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I would like to ask about an odd behavior I see when using the SpamCop address book in Mozilla Firefox version 0.8 on a Windows XP box. My address book has about 40 entries. Here's a reproduce-by.

1. Open the Message composition window

2. Click the Address book link

3. In the Contact List window, click on the first real entry (not the "*Please select .. entry) and drag the selection to include the second entry also; release. Both should be selected. The right list box is empty.

4. Click on the down arrow in the left list box rapidly until the two selections scroll off the top and keep clicking the down arrow rapidly. Don't just hold the mouse button down, and don't click slowly.

5. At each rapid click my browser puts the two selected entries into the right list box; eventually I have lots of copies there. I did *not* click on the "To" or "Cc" or "Bcc" buttons at any time. It's very repeatable. It doesn't happen if you click slowly or if you hold the scroll-down arrow down.

It appears to be some kind of event-handling glitch. I cannot reproduce the problem with IE v6, so maybe it's actually a Firefox bug. Thanks for listening.

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