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Gmail --Forward spam


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Hi I would like ask you about possibility use in Gmail some filter.I would like from spam folder send automatically forward  spam to 


I tried do this but I have to conform message forward spam .But this mail is virtual .Do someone has knowledge it is possible do this in Gmail


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Hi, I'm pretty sure this can't be done. When gmail forwards the message, it's in a format that SpamCop can't use. And it is a requirement that all spam reports be confirmed, either by clicking on the link in the email, or by visiting the website.

That said, there are various programs out there that can automate this for you, but I recommend that you DO NOT use them since it could lead to you mistakenly reporting a real email as spam. That would destroy SpamCop's credibility. It doesn't matter whether the email address is "virtual" or not. What if someone just makes a typing mistake, and misdirects a personal email to that address? Or what if the mail server glitches?

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