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Guest art101

They're both pretty good solutions, but I'm not real fond of the Photoshop "bevel" filter. I like the logo flat, simple, 2D, and real clean. Just because designers can do something doesn't mean we should. We all make choices based on what's best for the project at hand.

Here's some quick background. I don't like the white box myself, but when I originally designed the new SpamCop logo a few years ago, the webmail service was in its infancy. Pete and Julian were pretty slammed with practical code stuff that didn't include aesthetics. I think that's understandable and I'm willing to wait. I offered transparent GIF versions, but they had other fish to fry (like stopping spam, changing the world, and launching a spam-free webmail service). For this and other reasons, a seamless version of the SpamCop Email logo has not yet been implemented. I'm sure Julian will get around to it some day.

Meanwhile - regardless of your good intentions - it's probably not real nice to alter somebody's artwork / logo / identity without asking first. I keep hoping (and I bet Julian would agree) that someday SpamCop will be out of business because there will be no such thing as spam. Except maybe in the form of a scary luncheon meat.

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Sorry, should have asked. I have many technical clients that make things work but have no eye for graphics or user interface. I'm glad they have a designer to keep an eye out (I'm impressed your work was in Before & After, a very cool magazine, I have some of the first copies from Vol.1 No.1 / 1990).

I am in agreement that just because you can doesn't mean you should, the reason I used a slight bevel to give some contrast between the two blue colors without modifying the color scheme or increasing the origional graphics height. This would give some consistency with the shaded icons used in horde.

As an alternative, you could have a light color glow effect or stroke for contrast. After thinking about it, the best solution would be to change the background color for the header to white on this page only (consistent with the rest of the site).

BTW, if you are still working on the Mac, check out xScope. It's a powerful set of tools that are ideal for measuring, aligning and inspecting on-screen graphics and layouts.

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