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SpamCop can't find Spam!


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I agree. I submit spam using Outlook 2003 from work (using an Exchange server) all the time, simply forwarding them as attachments. I think the most I have sent in one email was 10!



...IIRC, there is a limit of 100KB. However, I have sent submissions that Outlook told me exceeded that limit and SpamCop handled it okay, so don't rely on what Outlook tells you is the size of your submission.
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I'm sure it's something to do with SMTP mail now.

I've set up a second profile on my computer at home so that I can use my work Exchange server. And I just submitted a spam email as an attachment using Outlook/Exchange. And it worked. Perfectly.

Yet using the same copy of Outlook with the same setup, but using SMTP instead, it fails to even recognise that there's an attachment there.

Next step: send the same spam twice - once via Exchange, once via SMTP, and see what happens.

Wazoo wrote:

I'd rather see the actual submittal rather than the SpamCop response.

I was this [puts thumb and forefinger very close together indeed] close to CC'ing myself on the above exercises and uploading the saved emails to my webspace and posting the links here. And then I realised that my email address would be there for all to see. <_<

I'm perfectly happy to CC an individual on something like this though so they can try to work out what the blazes is going on...

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