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email address is blocked and disabled by Spamcop


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I would like to get some help. I was using the Spamcop (free) spam reporting service thru' email and I was forwarding any single spam to many different spam reporting emails (which Spamcop provides). Thus for a single spam sent to I use to forward it complaint to Spamcop for about 3-4 times. Spamcop monitored this and my email address was blacklisted, blocked and disabled for reporting spam to Spamcop thru emails.

Since then almost 6 months has passed.

I know and I accept that what I was doing was wrong and I m sorry for that too.

Can anyone please tell me how can I enable my account again for reporting spam?



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...If I understand your question correctly, you are asking how to reactivate a free SpamCop reporting account that has been disabled because you violated the rules by repeatedly reporting the same spam more than once. In that case, my suggestion would be to send an e-mail to the SpamCop deputies (mailto:deputies <at> spamcop <dot> net, replacing " <at> " with "[at]" and " <dot> " with "."). Explain what happened, provide a copy of any messages and communications you received indicating that your account was suspended, beg forgiveness and promise to be more careful in future.

...Good luck!

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It might be because the email address he registered with was bouncing (mailbox full?).

He says he is sorry, but from what I read, I don't see for what. I read it that he only sent 3-4 reports per spam as spamcop suggested in the checkboxes.

However, to reinstate an account, the address, I think, is deputies at admin dot spamcop dot net. I am too lazy to look it up. I am sure the deputies will forward it to Don.

Miss Betsy

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