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Spamcop not sending my reports


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I am an enthusiastic spamcop reporter. Since about two days some reports fail. I found out that reports to only 2 or 3 admin contacts work as before but reports with a lot of relays or spamvertized sites fail and result in a "error, page cannot be loaded" in my IEX. Page reloading results in some message that spamcop would not send any longer reports larger than 50kB.

So I signed up for paid service but the problem continues. (it was time anyway as I support the idea and valuate the time and effort or the people behind spamcop, but basically spamcop should raise the money from ISP's and not from reporters because our time invested in spam reporting is also not "free".)

Is this a bug? Is there any remedy?

This is a sample link that fails:


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