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Time to sue your ISP?


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Is it time to take the next step in spam control, is it time to sue your ISP.

But for what?

Well according to Australian anti spam laws, and the Australian Government website there are agreements in place between several countries including the United States of America.


Therefore, it is my deduction that I should be able to sue my ISP for failing their duty of care by not including with my internet access account, and email that comes with it, the necessary anti spam software/tools/protection or at least making use of databses such as spamcop on their own servers to protect me from this recognised dangerous abuse?

Mabey, just mabey one could organise a calss action or the likes on a major ISP to have the rest sit up and take notice enough to actually make some changes, instead of all the ISP's sitting on their hands and reciting "nothing to do with us", when clearly now falls under "Duty of Care".

Havit you!

And brace yourselfs for a new wave of legal proceedings and shutdowns because as usual, service providers will need to be dragged kicking and screaming into new changes.

More Australian anti spam law information - newsarticle;


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