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perfect spam?


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i have a very annoying spammer that seemingly found a way to pass 3 spam filters i use!! (=> the isp spam filter which is very effective but fails here, spamassassin (it gives no errors at all and bayes_00 although i sa-learned every day and checked the inbox for spams that i missed, and mozilla's spam feature fails to recognize it as well).

most unfortunately, i can't report it to spamcop, i tried several times to forward it, but it gives an error (either forward or bounce function with mutt 1.4.1). the problem is (and that is the smart part of it imho) the spam is in fact a small gif image and includes *random* text included, which is never bulk email related.

how should i report this? can i copy the content in the spam cop web form? but it has some of *uuencoded* text in it (the gif image) and i read that reporting uuencoded text is not appreciated, but i have no other options. this spammer has been annoying me for Months, really and seemingly found a way to pass every spam filter without any problem :(

spam message has Subject: Diflucan-is-an-azole-antifungal-used /to treat or prevent fungal"infections"reputed

update: i managed to report the spam through the spam cop web form.

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That's all you can do sometimes with these odd ball spam.

Are they coming through open proxies or compromised machines? If they are, then it is probably good to take the time to report them if you can. Some admins are grateful. Though I don't bother with Asia/Pacific or Brazil.

Miss Betsy

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The only really perfect spam is sliced about 1/8" thick and fried about 2-3 minutes on each side.  No need for butter or oil, it's got all the grease built-in. :)

(sorry, couldn't resist)


well, i'm a vegetarian :ph34r: i'll skip ;)

to miss betsy: i think it is an open proxy, i checked with openrbl and it has 8 positive results.


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