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Spammer Soloway Seriously Spanked


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Found on NANAE: well worth the read!


Brief summary: ROKSO top-10 spammer Robert Soloway gets sued by Microsoft. In discovery, spammer claims not to have the records requested. So the court issues a default judgement against the spammer unless he can produce the records requested... and even if he can, he'll have perjured himself.

The order re: the default judgement is drafted by Microsoft, but the Judge beefs it up significantly before issuing it. All in all, I guess we're going to see another bankrupt spammer before too long...


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Instead of playing games, they should have just pleaded the Fifth. They admitted they were guilty, they were just avoiding providing additional proof that shows just how guilty.

In the end, it had the same effect. They lost.

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I'm pretty sure this is Bob Soloway...

.CN Registry WHOIS Data

Go on Query

Domain Name searchengineranking.cn

Domain Status ok

Registrant Name stephen

Registrant Organization stephen

Administrative Email postmaster[at]2ndDNS.com

Sponsoring Registrar 创联万网国际信息技术(北京)有限公司

Name Server dns7.hichina.com

Name Server dns8.hichina.com

Registration Date 2005-07-19 13:00

Expiration Date 2006-07-19 13:00



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I think it's from him becuase it looks like all the other spam he send me at the same address that no one else uses...

An address that I've left on ONE domain registration for a .org

And it's always a solititation to let them spam people for me. For free, if you believe their pitch...

From:	"Choi, Carolyn" <charityinfo[at]gaweb.com>
To:	generic100[at]alias-domain.net
Subject:	generic100[at]alias-domain.net

generic100[at]alias-domain.net is a non-profit/charity contact email address right?  if 



----- ---- --- -- -  -
simply visit our company web site above for details on how it works, then 
send a letter to the mailing address on our company web site above with 
your non-profit and/or charity status and address in your country of origin 
enclosed, along with your email address and we will then send you all the
specifications needed on how to receive this non-cost, non-commercial, non-
transactional, non-relationship, charity/non-profit courtesy emailing.

This non-commercial, non-transactional, non-relationship, courtesy emailing 
has an important primary purpose of helping society by assisting non-profits 
& charities have their non-profit/non-commercial mission statement/special
message sent out to 2.5 million opt-in emails as a courtesy to help worldwide
in national & global relief efforts for various causes in need of support.

if this is not a non-profit/charity contact email address and/or you are not 
interested in our occassional non-commercial, non-transactional, non-cost, 
non-relationship, courtesy emailings we perform for various non-profits and
charities, remove the email above: 

----- ---- --- -- -  -
thanks to the technology of email, here are only a few of the countless
charities & non-profit organizations we have countributed to in the past:
adventist develop & relief agency international, child help usa, direct 
relief international, doctors without borders, episcopal relief and 
development, international medical corps, mercy corps, operation usa, red 
cross hurricane relief division, red cross washington state chapter, the 
salvation army, among countless others in need of global assistance.

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