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Reportable if missing Multi-part?


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A scan through the FAQ on material changes didn't answer this, so here it goes:

Using Postini to filter my email. The postini interface allows me to view quarantined messages, and (although it's not an ideal setup) view full headers for the messages. For plain text and HTML messages (which requires viewing the page source and copying the message code), the entire message can be copied and pasted into the web-submittal form.

However, for multi-part MIME messages, it only displays the first part of the message (headers still fully intact). This is usually plaintext "get a capable email handler" or filter-buster gibberish. I assume the rest is retained, and would be there if I had the message passed through to my real account, but it isn't shown or accessible though the Postini interface.

Now, my question is: Is it acceptable to report the message without the full message body? The headers are fully intact, and no material additions or modifications have been made to the body. No changes were made to manipulate the parser or have it pick up an address/email or anything of the sort. However, often the missing piece is the actual spam-message content. Sometimes the spammer puts a plaintext version of their spam in the first part, but I haven't seen this in quite a while. (silly spammers. What if one of us with a non-capable viewer wanted to buy their organ enlargers?)

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