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Script error on address book page

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I was just creating a new address list and used a name like "Joe's Buddies." After that, every time the page loaded, there was a scri_pt error:

Error: Expected ')'

Looking at the page source, the offending element is:

<a href="/horde/turba/delete.php?source=..." onclick="return confirmDelete('Joe's Buddies')" onmouseout="window.status='';" onmouseover="window.status='Delete \'Joe\'s Buddies\''; return true;"><img src="/horde/turba/graphics/delete.gif" border="0" alt="Delete" title="Delete" /></a>

Obviously, the problem is in the onclick confirmDelete() function call. The onmouseover has the quotes properly escaped.

Obviously, this is a problem that the vendor would need to address, although it might be good to point out in a FAQ that single quotes should not be used in the address book. Probably double quotes, too, although I didn't experiment with that.

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