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System Outages Tuesday, October 18, 2022 ×

SpmCop is forging its own mail...


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"A Forum for those things that just plain go wrong or don't work as advertised."

Seems to cover it.

This weekend SpamCop's emailed acknowledgements of our reports started to come from a new IP,

Mail server log extract:

Feb 25 22:59:51 mail6 xm[8046]: 31PMxYmR020727: [], SPF RECORD [v=spf1 ip4: ip4: ip4: -all]
Feb 25 22:59:51 mail6 xm[8046]: 31PMxYmR020727: [], [AS16417], spf [mfrom] test results for [spamid.0@bounces.spamcop.net]
Feb 25 22:59:51 mail6 xm[8046]: 31PMxYmR020727: [], [AS16417], spf [mfrom] result fail (Mechanism '-all' matched)

SPF FAIL, not to mention no PTR record

$ dig +short -x

and the IP being on eight of the blocklists that I use.

Our system auto-reported 19 of these to SpamCop before I managed to stop it... :(

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