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If it's connected, anyone may do anything with it.


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Interesting Wired article about assumed permission for public accessibility to anything connected to the internet. Definitely some good points made, with the specific example of Katrinalist.net, that somewhat go against the general antispam attitude of spammers abusing open systems. they're basic point, if it's not secured, you should assume it's available for public use. (not entirely at odds with the antispam theory, which would follow up with "certain things shouldn't be permitted unsecured, and can validly be blocked if they are".

full article:

Open Internet, We Hardly Knew Ye (Wired.com)

edit: title should have been MAY do anything with it. :)

Edit: 2005/09/14 10:15 -0400 EDT by Jeff G. - changed Topic Title to reflect the edit above.

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