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Just found the answer by looking a bit deeper in the forums.. whee! welcome to thousands of reports comin your way SpamCop!

(original message)

Three hours ago I got finished downloading nearly 10,000 spam emails that had been cluttered there. I've been on holiday for the past few weeks so it was quite a suprise.

Upon review, I noticed almost 6000 mails (roughly) that were bounce-backs from mailservers.. "Undeliverable", "<spam?> Returned Mail", and stuff like that.

Some were even in non-English, but were easily identified as returns from mailservers.

I've sent an email to pacbell to see if there is anything they can do about it.. I'm guessing someone is spoofing my email address to send unsolicited mail.

I did not send these mails, but I surely cant be expected to contact 7000 different recipients just to tell them "Sorry, wasn't me".

Changing to a new email address to avoid this isn't possible. Too much money has already been invested in advertising and printing that carry the addresses that are being abused.

I'm doubting, seriously, that any mailserver is going to block 'pacbell.net', as they are one of the largest ISP's in the southwest U.S., but I'd like to know if there is a way for me to either 'block' or 'auto-delete' these incoming mail bounce messages.

Or should I be doing something else?

I mean, these mails are coming from mailservers - and I did not request them - so are they spam that can be reported? Doubting that.

Any help to 'cure' this problem will be appreciated.



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