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Spam-free 100 hours...


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Hi, all...

I just wanted to let you all know that so far, I'm spam-free for 100 hours and counting...

I had to fight the spammers pretty much 24/7:

I reported to SpamCop, the FTC, several Block Lists.

I used Sam Spade to dig out multi-redirected websites and report all of them.

I had to use some, how shall we say, 'other than whitehat' techniques against some of the more egregious spammers.

But, suddenly on the 4th, all spam email dried up, and I haven't gotten any since.

It's widely known that spammers collaborate with each other, and keep tabs on active spam-fighters. Due to the extent to which I was willing to go to stop the spammers, I think I've convinced them to put me on their 'do-not-spam' list.

I won't tell you what 'other than whitehat' techniques I used, for fear of getting in trouble. But all I can say is, if you cost them enough money, they learn to leave you alone.

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