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Typical Questions

Miss Betsy

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Typical Questions

For new users of the SpamCop reporting: Short List of FAQ Didn't find your answer? Post a Question

For server admins: Information Link

For new users of the SpamCop Email Service: SpamCop Email Service Forum

For people whose email is blocked: Explanation of what is happening

If you want more information: Post a Question

For people whose email address is the sender in spam: How do I stop spammers from using my email address?


Why am I getting all these Bounces?

For people whose Yahoo Group is blocked: Yahoo Groups Topic Post your question in this topic - preferably after reading some of the posts! Yahoo Groups Mail Blocked?

There is another discussion about GMail being blocked: Why is GMail Blocked?

synopsis: ... GMail refuses to follow RFC standards and include the origination of the e-mail in the headers

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