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Miss Betsy

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For people whose email has been blocked using the spamcop bl: If you haven't found the answer here Q&A about blocklists. Please post the error message you got. Also, post the domain name (the right side of the [at]) of the sender of the error message and the domain part of your email address.

If you can provide the IP Address of this message, that would be great!

Vague topic titles are pretty much useless, they don't provide any information about the actual problem you're having. You should be clear and concise with your title. For example, Blocked by 'domain'; sending from 'domain name'

Do not use topic titles like these:

1. Help needed!


3. Spamcop is blocking me

4. This is too complicated for me

5. Not a spammer; why am I blocked?

6. SpamCop is broke or stupid or hurting my business

Post your question in this forum: SpamCop Blocklist Help Forum

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