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New Users of SpamCop Reporting System

Miss Betsy

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For New Users of the SpamCop Reporting System:

What does the error message say?

What email client are you using?

Ask your question in this Forum: SpamCop Reporting Forum

If you are setting up Mailhosts, ask your question here: Mailhost Configuration System Forum

Vague topic titles are pretty much useless, they don't provide any information about the actual problem you're having. You should be clear and concise with your title. For example, if you need help with ThunderBird, try Setting up ThunderBird instead of just "How do I...." Avoid using topic titles such as

1. Help needed!

2. Newbie problem

3. Need some assistance

4. Hi, Im stuck!


6. I have a question

7. Very urgent

8. This is too complicated for me

9. PHP expert needed

10. Looking for...

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