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detailed headers from spam mails


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Since spam has been reported by reporters, there should have been reports sent to an abuse desk which would show headers. However, No reports are sent by mole reporters and spamtraps.

You can email the deputies at deputies at spamcop.net and find out if reports were sent and where. Please tell them in the first email what your IP address is, the blocklist report, and how you discovered that your IP address was blocked.

They will not let you see the headers from spamtraps, but they will tell you what it looks like to them.

The examples shown are definitely spam. The most likely explanation is that there is a computer with a virus or an open proxy somewhere on your network.

Post back here if you would like help in discovering why spam is coming from your IP address. There are lots of helpful people who know a lot about the subject.

Miss Betsy

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There is definitely spam being sent thu that IP. There is nothing in the headers to indicate whether the spam is being sent intentionally or whether the machine at that IP has been trojan'd or worm infected. It's mostly porn spam not that that makes much of a difference I guess.

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