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...So far, no luck.  I received the configuration e-mails but when I sent them back as attachments, got return e-mails that tell me, "Sorry, but it appears you did not provide all email headers." :( I'll try again tomorrow, copying-and-pasting the full headers into my replies.

...Success using copy-and-paste into a fresh e-mail (similar to the SpamCop.net Online one-part report form). I'll try to do the others tomorrow....

...Oops, I declared victory too soon. Please see Parse of a spam I submitted. It seems to be complaining that host usbb-lacgw1.lac.uis.unisys.com ([]) is a possible forgery:

Possible forgery. Supposed receiving system not associated with any of your mailhosts
. However, the Mail Host configuration screen does not offer this server as one to be tested and it does not offer a way to type in a server.

...What do we do now?

Well, I have had to stop using spamcop altogether because I have not been given the solution on how to report without it report my account as the spammer.


...FWIW, dhanna isn't the only one in that fix -- me, too! :(

...Well, I took a chance and tried again and server lacgw1.lac.uis.unisys.com now appears to be recognized. I submitted one spam and it did not try to report my employer's e-mail service as a spam source! So far so good. I'll do some more reporting when I return to work later in the morning (it's 1:20 am here, now) ... keeping the old fingers crossed. :D

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If I understand the mailhosts initiative, it causes parsing to stop after the last known mail host.  This means that any spam sent through a mail list will be attributed to the list server.

Is there any way to register mail list hosts so the real source of the spam can be reported?

IIUC, spam sent through a mailing list should be reported by (if anyone) the list administrator. Everyone else JHD.

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