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question regarding spam traps


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Hi everyone.

I have an idea of creating project on stock spam, not spaming but analysing influence on stock market and quotes. The first step I want to make in this direction is creating network of spam traps to get all of those stock promotions to have the material for further study.

Does anyone have an idea on how to make it better (I know that the easiest way is just to post trap-emails on voards and guestbooks, but I guess effect will be poor and I have to wait long before I will start getting sufficient amounts of information), now I have just one box where I receive this spam.

Any suggestions?

maybe someone would like to share his "trash" with me - I am open to negotiations on this point. It's the best idea that came to my mind at this stage.

Thanks guys.

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True spam traps are email addresses that have never been used to send email and are designed so that dictionary spammers can't 'guess' them.

I don't know how one goes about 'seeding' them, but I have a feeling that you will need to have agreements (or friends) with websites.

If you just want more spam to analyze, there is also the nanas 'sightings' - which I don't remember how to get to any more.

My advice is that you are going to have to learn a lot more about spam and how it works before you could write a meaningful paper of analysis.

Miss Betsy

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