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Finding where to report spamvertised sites


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I have noticed a large number of spams lately, mostly for MyCanadianPharmacy, for which SpamCop cannot find where to send a report for the spamvertised website. A typical parse:

...Resolving link obfuscation


Host wununi.umer.hk (checking ip) IP not found ; wununi.umer.hk discarded as fake.

Tracking link: http://wununi.umer.hk/?95556205

No recent reports, no history available

Cannot resolve http://wununi.umer.hk/?95556205


They mostly follow the pattern of subdomain.domain.extension/?longnumber

If I go to a whois site, I can find information on umer.hk or whatever site it is. I will find there is indeed information on the domain, generally someone's yahoo or hotmail email address, so not very promising as far as finding someone interested in policing the site. There is also information about nameservers, and it will list several, such as





Tracing the whois on those may lead from one nameserver to another, though it usually ends up at moniker.com, a site which advertises itself as providing privacy to domain owners (so spammers can't harvest their whois info to send them spam!).

Is it useful to send reports to these registrars which are concealing contact info/abuse addresses? If, as in MyCanadianPharmacy, they are violating U.S. narcotic laws by selling narcotics without prescriptions, and if, as in moniker.com, they are located inside the U.S., is moniker responsible for making sure the sites they are shielding are not carrying on illegal activities?

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...The quick answer to the question you pose in your last paragraph is: maybe, maybe not, depending on the registrar. It probably would not be a bad thing to go ahead and submit manual reports.

...The matter of spamvertized web sites has been asked many, many, MANY times before in different forms (including by you -- ...IP not found...discarded as fake). Please go to the top of the screen, enter "spamvertized OR spamvertised" in the input box next to the "button" labeled "Search for -->" and click the button. Also please see SpamCop reporting of spamvertized sites - some philosophy.

...With this post, I am closing this Forum thread. Please discuss this in one of the other threads. Also, please have consideration for other Forum members and avoid posting what is essentially the same question in multiple posts. Thanks!

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