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Something I found for Outlook 2007 and Spamcop

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I started a search in here for an alternative to OLSpamcop ( Now Spamgrabber or some other name??). I have used this program for a number of years but have had to drop it due to rather “dodgy†performance since I upgraded to Outlook 2007. Wishing to continue supporting reporting of spam through SPAMCOP I looked into a few other programs, and I am not sure, but it may very well have been somewhere here on these forums I got a tip for Spambar version 1.4 from Excelmicro. This is a program for reporting to Postini (Sorry, never heard of it before) however, you can change the settings in it and it appears to work fairly painlessly with SPAMCOP. I seem to get two emails back from Spamcop, one that finds embedded URLs and one that can’t but that is in my opinion a small side effect to tolerate. Anyway, I thought my findings might be of interest to anybody else with OL2007 problems.

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P.S. This was the download link I used………


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