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Did not receive 'presonal email address'


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Hi ... I signed up for a free account, as all I want to do is report spam to spamcop.

I received my account info and logged into my account and changed my password, but now I can't figure out how to forward email to spamcop ... the help says that ....


Once you have confirmed your registration, log into SpamCop. Right below the "Welcome" message you will notice a coded email address.

This is your personal email address that you can forward spam to. spam you forward to this address will have a reply (containing the parsing link) to the address you used to register with SpamCop.


.... but when I log in I have no Welcome message, and I don't have a coded email message ... all I have is a tabbed page that has tabs for Statistics, Control Center, Preferences, Rquest Reports, and Show Routes.

I don't want to sound stupid here, but I can't see any coded personal email address to forward my spam mail to.

Help :huh:

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It sounds as if you may have inadvertently signed up for an ISP account (or a mistake was made in setting up your account) rather than a reporting account. Please see StevenUnderwood's reply in Forum thread "[Resolved] can't find custom email address for reporting" for a solution if I am correct (the part of that thread prior to StevenUnderwood's reply may help clarify whether this is your problem).

...Good luck!

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