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I need help regarding emails :oS


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Hi guys, dont know if this is the right place to post but I dont know where to turn and Im not very technically minded :blush:

There is an email circulating round concerning two parties. The email looks very legit. But has something very sinister hidden.

It looks like MrA has sent an email to MrB who has forwarded to MrC. However both MrA and B deny they have seen this email before and neither have sent it to MrC. When the IP addresses have been checked one of them has come from one MrsD (me) has used 191 times! The other email addresses in the description do not match that of MrA and B.

I have no idea how my IP address - or one I have been assigned very regularly has ended up here. They think its me :huh: I dont understand it. I didnt even know you could forge an email and make it look like it has come from two people it might never have come from in the first place :blink: . When you click on their names in the email it comes up at the bottom of the screen with Matilo or somet and their email address.

Can anyone help me find out how this has happened and if there is anything I can do to prove it wasnt me and maybe even find the culprit?

Any suggestions would be brilliant, am really upset and need to sort this out

Thank you

Lorna :)

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Hi, Lorna!

...Can you tell us exactly what it is about the e-mail that makes it appear to have originated with MrA, sent to MrB and forwarded to MrC? Can you tell us what it is about the e-mail that makes it appear to have come from your IP address?

...The easy answer would be that the e-mail addresses and IP addresses are forged.

...Another possibility is that the IP address is correct but that it happened before you were assigned that IP address.

...A third possibility is that your PC has been trojanned and you are sending out e-mails unbeknownst to you.

...There are probably other possibilities but more information would be needed before the experts (and I am not expert) are able to offer them.

...Since your post doesn't really seem to have to do with Geek/Tech software issues, I am moving this forum thread from the "Geek/Tech Things > Software Issues" forum to the "SpamCop Lounge" forum, which I think is a better fit.

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