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[Resolved] MX server problem at SC?


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I have an email filtering account set up to filter all my email and forward it to a secret email address. Starting last night I'm seeing these errors while forwarding email to SC:

Oct 12 08:40:17 mail sendmail[2124]: l9BHgrml019814: to=[me][at]spamcop.net,
[user1][at]spamcop.net, delay=21:53:14, xdelay=00:00:00, mailer=esmtp, pri=2494409
, relay=mx2.spamcop.net., dsn=4.0.0, stat=Deferred: Connection reset by mx2.spam
Oct 12 08:40:17 mail sendmail[2124]: l9BHStOx019627: to=[me][at]spamcop.net, del
ay=22:11:05, xdelay=00:00:00, mailer=esmtp, pri=2501800, relay=mx2.spamcop.net.,
 dsn=4.0.0, stat=Deferred: Connection reset by mx2.spamcop.net.
Oct 12 08:40:18 mail sendmail[2126]: l9CFeDOD002123: to=<quick.64TA0gYbpcQMPWYl[at]
spam.spamcop.net>, ctladdr=<mail[at]mail.abcstuff.com> (8/12), delay=00:00:03, xdel
ay=00:00:03, mailer=esmtp, pri=121815, relay=vmx2.spamcop.net. [], d
sn=2.0.0, stat=Sent (ok:  Message 1736896502 accepted)
Oct 12 08:43:38 mail sendmail[2180]: l9CFhKBo002178: to=[user2][at]spamcop.net, delay=
00:00:05, xdelay=00:00:01, mailer=esmtp, pri=81112, relay=mx.spamcop.net. [64.88
.168.71], dsn=4.2.0, stat=Deferred: 450 Delivery delayed temporarily (#4.7.1)
Oct 12 08:43:38 mail sendmail[2180]: l9CFhKBo002178: mx.spamcop.net.: SMTP DATA-
1 protocol error: 250 ok

Roughly 50% of emails getting forwarded to SC for filtering are being rejected variously with "Connection reset", "Delivery delayed temporarily", or "protocol error" 4xx error status.

The pattern seems to be that MX servers with names of the form "vmx*.spamcop.net" work fine, but servers "mx1.spamcop.net" and "mx2.spamcop.net" are not accepting incoming SMTP transactions from our mail server at Only mx.spamcop.net and mx2.spamcop.net are published in the DNS, I assume SC has some internal load balancing behind those two public names. If MX servers mx1 or mx2 come up in the rotation, the transaction fails. On an immediate manual rerun of the queue, the same message that had just been rejected is accepted by a different SC MX server.

Maybe something needs a whack on the side?

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