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Spam Average Reporting Time Changed!


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Hi Everyone!

I sent in a few emails today while working on the internet. All my submissions were "fresh" today (I basically sent them immediately right after I received them today) and the parsing showed that they were "0 Hours Old". My average reporting time was 6 hours...

Then, out of the blue, after I submitted yet another email that was "0 hours old", it suddenly said that my average report time was 20.2 Days!

Any ideas?

Thanks for your time.

EDIT: By the way, I thought that SpamCop would not even let you report emails that are that old, so it doesn't even make sense that it would say that...

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Hi, Johnincal!

...This is a frequently discussed topic. Please go to the top of the page and type "average reporting time" (including the quote marks) into the empty box next to the "button" labeled "Search for -->" and press either that button or the "Go" button to the right of the empty box. You will see a number of links to other Forum topics that deal with exactly this subject.

...This post is now closed. If you have any follow-up discussion, please post it to one of the already existing topics. Thanks!

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