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Help understanding heasers


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Take a look, for example, at this report. They are all like this, and seem to indicate that atlantic.net (my email provider) is where spam originates. Why does it come to that decision? I guess because it can't figure out anything from previous hops so assumes it was injected here?

I wonder if something is wrong, perhaps because of how MailWasher forwards the message. But since that is a purpose-built SpamCop feature, I think it would generally be done right or everyone would complain already.


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Hi, John,

...This behavior is often the symptom of internal handoffs within your provider (atlantic.net) network (please see SpamCop FAQ entry labeled "Why does SpamCop want to send a report to my own network administrator?"). There is a capability within the SpamCop reporting system called MailHosts configuration that can help automate dealing with this situation. Have you set up your MailHosts configuration? To find out more about MailHosts, please go to the SpamCop FAQ and search for links that include the word "mailhost."

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