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Add Additional notes to Reporting preferences


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In user Reporting preferences there must be field where user can place own notes to use every reported spam. No I add my own "Additional Notes" and "Comments for" MANUALLY every abuse addresses. Sometime there are plenty of them ;)

I use text like:


The spammer below is either using your resources to send out bulk

unsolicited commercial e-mail ("spam") or is deceptively trying to make it

look like he is. In either case, a legitimate company like yours probably

would not approve. The information below should be all you need.

Please take appropriate action.

If there is room that kind of field, SpamCop can automatically fill reporting form my own text.


Jorma Hytonen


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I used to manually add more information also. However, I finally realized that many abuse desks that get spamcop reports don't care if they read any of the hundreds they may be getting. The abuse desks who do care read the first one and know what to do without any additional information than what spamcop gives.

When I send manual reports (not through spamcop), I still do use language such as you have. But I don't worry about adding anything to spamcop reports.

Miss Betsy

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